Slaprea - The Biggest Cambodian Food Festival

One of the main attractions that pull travellers to South East Asia is not necessarily the tropical bounty, but in actual fact the incredible palate of food there is to offer. Cambodia is no different. Khmer delicacies and flavors range from sweet to sour, bitter to salty in the flash of one bite, and if travellers are looking for an “East meets West” experience, Slaprea is the event to attend.

The food festival takes place annually in the country’s capital city of Phnom Penh and is a two day bravura of tasty treats, entertainment and shenanigans.

Slaprea started in 2017 and has evolved from all Khmer to a fully international food fest, where visitors can revel in the flavors of the world. With over 150 stalls of vast variety, not one taste bud will be left untouched.

Guests not only get to spend their evenings feasting on the many delights on hand, but can also partake in a throng of activities and contests, or can sit,relax and take in the entertainment on stage.

The atmosphere is that of a close community, filled with people of all ages, food and music. The entertainment ranges from live traditional Khmer shows, go-kart