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Phnom Penh Nightlife - One Night Only Extravaganza

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

Most travellers coming to Cambodia simply pass through Phnom Penh for a day or two. Thankfully this doesn’t mean the city can’t offer them an ultimate bar-hopping expedition that’s worth every Tuk-Tuk drive.

If you would like to experience almost the entirety of the capital’s nightlife, we recommend letting your hair down and following us on a trail through the city, paint brush in hand, as you are about to splash the town red.

Your journey starts in Toul Tom Poung, better known as the Russian Market. To set the pace, we invite you to Ege Bar on Saint 460, a cosy vivacious spot with a lot of personality. They work closely with Kingdom Breweries and have a selection of their meticulously made craft beers, as well as serving up scrumptious cocktails.

Ege Bar has become known for showing live games on screen and their events, including but not limited to, Don Don Ege; an evening of fashion, drinks on tap, eclectic music and a vibrant atmosphere. Join in on titillating Trivia Night, or one of the many parties they plan, especially over weekends.

Settle in with their flavorful menu, enjoy a friendly game of pool or darts, and mingle with the variety of visitors. The perfect starting point to our One Night of Wonder.

Time to hit the road. Make your way to Saint 308, right next to the infamous Bassac Lane. Pop into Party Patio for a deliciously made cocktail. We highly recommend the Dry Martini. Party Patio is an open space full of color and a spectrum of people. The staff are friendly, and it has a very social atmosphere, where everyone is your friend. Go alone, go with a group, either way, you’ll leave with a handful of new mates.

If you’re curious you can take a walk down Bassac Lane, known for its sleek cool bars and hot restaurants, to have a sneaky drink before your next destination.

At this point, it is time to jump over to Top Banana, on Saint 278, best known for its laughing gas balloons. This street is known for bringing out the party animal in people, so we’ll just pop in for a laugh before our feet start hitting the dance floor. Top Banana is usually full of like-minded travellers looking for a laugh (literally), and ready to push the limits of the evening. After giggling for a few minutes and enjoying an ice cold beer on the balcony, we suggest going around the corner to street of Tuk Tuk bars.

These are Tuk Tuks converted into bars, with chairs and tables set up on the pavements all along Saint 51. Here you will find yourself immersed with locals and foreigners, all with the same goal in mind, to get the party going. There are also many food stalls, in case you’re feeling peckish. The drinks are cheap, the music is loud and it really sets the tone for the next part of the evening.

A visit to Phnom Penh will not be quite right if you don’t go to view one of the many drag shows. Walk through the red, velvet curtains at the entrance of Heart of Darkness to enter a world away from your normal club glitz and glam. It’s a sizable club with loads of room to work your magic on the dance floor, and the show usually starts after 11pm. The queens show off their best lip syncs and even slam a death-drop or two. In between shows, there are breaks where you can take over the dance floor once more. Be prepared for a lot of sing-a-long songs, happy faces and general good vibes.

After the show, you need to make your way to Pontoon (Saint 172), our final party spot. The main dance floor is spacious with an island bar, and depending on the night, the music ranges from hip-hop, trap and dubstep to house, techno and deep house. Pontoon Pulse, another smaller club within Pontoon, focuses more on electronic music such as house, techno, nu jazz soul, and tech house. The club is open 7 days a week, with a $8 entrance fee (including one free drink) on the weekends. Thursdays are Ladies nights which means groups of ladies get 50% off on cocktails, vodka cruisers and draft beers. Every night has a different theme and on Wednesday nights you can catch a cabaret and drag show from 01:30 am.

To end the evening, a stop-over at Katy Perry’s Tuk Tuk Pizza is a must! Here you will find a selection party-goers seeking the same thing, delicious cheesy pizza to end off a fantastic night. You won’t be breaking bank with these delights, with prices ranging from $2.50 - $6 per pizza.

When all is done and you’re ready to head back to your accommodation, you’ll be sure to wake up in the morning knowing that you did alright by the standards of Phnom Penh, and that her streets will always be open to you.

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