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Made in Cambodia Market - an exceptional local shopping experience

A trip to Siem Reap will not be complete without a visit to King’s Road where visitors can browse through the Made in Cambodia market. Unlike most of the local markets, Made in Cambodia offers handcrafted, unique products that benefit local causes and works to empower the people.

Rehash Trash is a beautiful organization that employ local, disadvantaged women to weave bags, baskets and various household items with plastic bags as the only material. The colors are vibrant and bright, and it is not easy to tell that it is all made from plastic, an ingenious way to reduce plastic waste while offering opportunities to these women.

But this is just one of the innovative stalls you will find here. The market is spread out in an open area, with a lot of space to really take your time and look at all the beautiful ideas and products.

There are many stalls where local designers and artists exhibit their work and brands, and the profits go back to the community or towards a specific cause. All the stalls have the names of the causes, and some form of information for travellers to see.

At Made in Cambodia Market you can find 100% organic products, made from the freshest ingredients and natural oils, as well as locally produced raw honey, and other luxurious body treatments.

Be sure to stop in at a stall full of Joe’s Cuisine products. It is easily identified by the multitude of bottled goods with colorful designs. There are many delicious treats ranging from liquors to alcoholic jams, and other less naughty treats. One can also find interesting flavor combinations using only the best local produce, like mango and green Kampot pepper, Pineapple and red Kampot pepper, raisin and white Kampot pepper, just to mention a few. These little beauties are the perfect souvenirs or gifts, and you can choose between a normal label or let the artist paint a unique design on the glass for you.

Other stalls that are all superbly unique fill up the rest of the market, with friendly faces waiting to tell you more about the designs, artists and causes. The products are artisan and original, and it is advised to take at least an hour or two to see it all.

There are often musicians and/or street artists performing around the market, and you don’t need to worry about going hungry or thirsty, as there are a few highly recommended restaurants and bars around.

If you really want to go for the full experience, visit Made in Cambodia in the evening over the weekend, as there is always live entertainment, and this area of Siem Reap really comes alive at night.

Another great factor is that King’s Road does not profit from the market, and stallholders do not pay any form of commission. Just another way to ensure the creation of more jobs.

The market is open from 12 noon until 10 pm every day and has no admission fee.

Location of Made in Cambodia Market.

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