Khmer Rouge - a haunting past

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

Not many travellers are aware of the delicate and treacherous past of Cambodia, and those who are cannot believe it happened approximately 50 years ago. Cambodia was not always the serene tourist destination that lay before you today, the history is filled with many horrors and injustices.

During the Vietnam war, Cambodia was affected heavily by US bombings and there were thousands of casualties. The war was coming to an end, but Cambodia’s civil struggle only just began.

On the 17th April 1975 the Khmer Rouge marched into Phnom Penh wearing red, the color of communism. Cambodia would be run by the communist party of Kampuchea (CPK), led by Pol Pot, up until January 1979. Their goal? To convert Cambodia into a communist state.

They started by removing all individuality and enforced a nationwide shutdown of all educational, health and religious facilities, basically banning and destroying any education, free-thinking and religion.