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Jaya House Riverpark - The absolute Jungle Retreat

There is a place in Siem Reap filled with so much magic guests will forget all their worries and cares by escaping to the jungle within the city. Jaya House Riverpark is the ultimate haven for anyone looking for absolute peace and tranquillity.

The atmosphere is idyllic and the relaxed ambience fills the hotel and soothes the soul. Just outside, the streets are bustling and thriving with life and movement but within the ‘walls’ of Jaya one is filled with the sensation of a jungle sanctuary.

There are two spacious saltwater pools and the wonder of the cascading waterfalls at the pool outside the restaurant opens one’s mind to the sense of inner peace. Even walking around the property feels almost meditative.

Two luxurious spas welcome you with the clean aroma of lemongrass and herbal teas. There are many different options of treatments available ranging from Herbal Hot Compresses, Body Scrubs, Aromatherapy, Deep Tissue, Traditional Khmer massages to Manicures and Pedicures. All guests receive one of the selective complementary treatments daily. All the products and scrubs are organic and of the highest quality.

Jaya ORGANICS is a range of organic in-room beauty products that guests can purchase at the front office. They all have natural ingredients and are completely vegan and cruelty-free. The products range from shampoo and conditioner, body cleanser and lotions, handwashes, face toner, to mosquito repellent.

A free travel pouch is gifted if the purchase is over $50.

The restaurant accommodates between 40 - 50 people, keeping the restaurant intimate and romantic, with an array of enticing flavors and combination dishes that will make even the biggest critic smile. Breakfast is included and consists of a large buffet with a wide variety of delicacies and treats, as well as a hot menu, with more traditional breakfast options. The ingredients are fresh and locally sourced, and the entire menu caters for vegetarians as well as vegans. There are also three swinging tables outside perfect for breakfast, or some afternoon tea or something a little more spicy like a cocktail or a refreshing glass of wine.

There is a large art installation made from 15.000 glass straws that took the team 15 days to create. What started as a Christmas tree turned into a beautiful artistic display. The display is over an old Buddhist tree, adding a sense of magic to the restaurant. The year before the project was made from 15.000 feathers, and everyone is waiting in anticipation to find out what the team has planned for the next installation.

Even though the hotel is only 3 years old, sophistication and professionalism far exceed expectations. All staff members go out of their way to appease all the guests’ requests and needs.

Jaya also does its part to help the environment and the local community. They are 95% plastic-free, they use local food suppliers and take containers to avoid plastic bags. They’ve replaced all their straws with bamboo straws, plastic bottles for glass bottles, and give all their guests metal water bottles from #refillnotlandfill to take with them as use at local refill stations instead of buying plastic water bottles. They support local companies like Happy and Co Farm and Eggcelence for the freshest, organic supplies.

By donating 5$ from every room they are supporting 3 different NGOs. The Landmine Museum, RehashTrash, and a small art school run by a Japanese teacher who encourages young artists to paint and follow their dreams. They do many paintings of Sinn Sisamouth - a famous singer during the 70s who was killed during the Khmer Rouge. He was also known as the “Golden Boy Singer” by the king during that period.

There is no discrimination at Jaya House as they employ people from all walks of life, young, old, disabled, or still in training. They believe that everyone deserves a chance at a better life.

Jaya is on an eco-mission by cleaning the river and its banks daily. They have already planted 1460 trees (3m tall) along the river banks of Siem Reap. Guests are encouraged to partake and be present during the tree planting for local involvement and have already donated 550 trees from local Khmer suppliers, which in turn created jobs. Jaya House Riverpark is taking personal responsibility for the environment and trying to lead by example.

The architecture and decor have a fascinating fusion of old retro technology, like megaphones, televisions, and radios. There are also traditional Buddhist statues, old colonial-style suitcases, and dark heavy wood features, creating the essence of an old Colonial-Cambodian synthesis. The architect is Si-Sokvan who has ingeniously integrated modern and old soul.

They have decorated and planted the trees around the entire property, so that guests cannot see much of the busy streets, only a glance of the river, truly setting the scene of a hidden jungle. There is a beautiful pond full of koi fish where one can relax.

The hotel is located about a 6-minute tuk-tuk journey from town in the direction of the magnificent temples of Angkor Wat and supplies free tuk-tuk rides for its guests. It also has mobility tuk-tuks and disability-friendly rooms are areas in the hotel.

Jaya House Riverpark is surrounded by many cultural monuments and places to visit. This is the ultimate getaway to find solace and peace while being enveloped by the freshest air and greenest surroundings.

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