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George’s Rhumerie and Restaurant - explaining how rum is made

George’s Rhumerie and Restaurant is the perfect place to experience the incredible blend of French and Creole dishes just outside the strident heart of Siem Reap. Here you will find heartwarming (literally) rums, home-made preserves and jams, as well as a tastefully created menu of delightful dishes.

There is an air of sophistication at George’s, where luxury meets a bizarre but thrilling fusion between French leisure and Caribbean flair. An odd concept to comprehend, but it is so perfectly executed that every traveler should pass through this remarkable spot that resembles the uniqueness and expressive quirk that is Siem Reap.

Brian DÁmbrosio once said, “Rum is tonic that clarifies the vision, and sets things in true perspective”. We couldn’t agree more, and at George’s they have perfected the art of creating the most delicious infused rums to ignite every palette.

Welcome to the first and only rum distillery in Siem Reap. Here you can lose yourself with all the unique, different flavors. The Rum Tasting is $5 and offers a beautiful wooden board with 12 different rums. You can start at one end and make your way through or mix it up while they explain all the ingredients and the process to you. Not only can you enjoy a tasting, but you have the opportunity to learn about the rum distillery and, better yet, create your own personalized spiced rum.

To attend the rum tasting and rum making class one only has to pay 15$ (+tax) per person. This includes the rum tasting as described above, served with a platter of 12 different kinds of home-made jams, chutneys and chillies, alongside freshly baked bread. After you have marvelled and tantalized all your taste buds you can attend the rum-making class, where you get creative and design your irresistible rum. This you get to keep as a ‘souvenir’ (until you’re ready to drink it of course).

All of these beautifully crafted rums, jams, and preserves can be purchased in hand-crafted wooden boxes to be taken home, or gifted to someone special.

This is only one half of what you can experience at George’s. If rum tasting or making it is not up your alley, there is an absolute gem of a restaurant waiting for you. With a perfectly designed menu of the flavors of Reunion Island that meet Asian influences; new tangs, twists and aromas are created through popular and classic dishes. The restaurant only uses the freshest ingredients and create their vivid and colorful dishes using spices from Cambodia, Reunion Island, Madagascar, and Japan.

You can enjoy dinner inside the aircon restaurant or outside in the lush, green terrace. Not only do they produce and make their own rums, jams and preserves, they also spend hours perfecting their unique sausages, foie gras and much, much more.

At George’s no one is left out, they highly respect everyone’s belief and decision about their lifestyles and intolerances, and offer vegan alternatives, gluten-free options as well as vegetarian dishes. They are willing to accommodate all their guests with any other requests or allergies.

The staff are incredibly friendly and welcome you as if welcoming old friends and family. This, combined with the decor and general atmosphere, makes for a truly unique, yet homely experience. The owner even comes around and is a big presence in the restaurant, adding that extra special feeling one craves when traveling and discovering new places. This is a venue where every foodie can divulge and explore every taste bud, while those not that way inclined soon will be.

Along with all the revolutionary dishes, ravishing rums and homemade treats, George’s has created a very original and tailored cocktail menu. Enjoy these delicious drinks in the outside terrace under the stars, or in the afternoon sun with the cool breeze sweeping through the garden.

In addition to this wonderful space being used to create the ultimate dining experience, George’s is dedicated to giving back to the community. They work closely with several projects, all striving for an even more beautiful Cambodia. Naga Earth recycles all their old plastic straws (that they have now replaced with aluminium straws), as well as turning the used fat from the kitchen into soap, which is used by them and also provided to the community. The methanol from the distillery is given to Naga Earth, and from this byproduct, they create biodiesel fuel.

They purchase and support Green Farmers and Agrisud, local farmers who are both eco-friendly suppliers with a low environmental impact. George’s is passionate about helping children to achieve their full potential. They sponsor a local school, Un village, Une école from Lyli-Association, where they also aid in urgent medical care for the children.

As well as being fervent about the environment and the future of the youth, George’s works closely with helping animals. Pagoda Cats was created by Josette Vanneur to help save and treat injured cats in Siem Reap. Lastly, they partnered with Johnny Fitness Coaching to initiate recycling activities with the support of Refill not Landfill Asia.

With all these positive attributes and distinctive missions to provide only the best quality in both the restaurant and rum industry, as well as playing an important part in the community, it is difficult to find a reason not to support this forward-thinking business.

George’s Rhumerie and Restaurant offers a truly unique experience that exceeds all expectations and definitely brings originality, and a new vibrant aspect to (already amazing) Siem Reap.

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